About Me


Hello, this is Angel Hernandez, I’m a 37 year old man as of 2014; yeah, I know it might sound like a female name for some people, but here in Mexico it is different; you might be thinking about tacos now, yep, I love them too!!


I am an internet marketer and affiliate. I started in the internet business in 2008 and I have been promoting info products, as well as services. I have seen many changes in this business, how the tecnology has changed and it has impacted on the customers, unfortunately I have also whitnessed how several businesses have gone to bankrupt.



I believe that we all are here to make a better world to live, and our purpose is to help others in all the ways possible, whatever the issue is. I want to help people and the companies to achieve their goals.


I like to listen to people and try to know them better, to get a clear overview of their issue.When I’m passionate about something I’m very stubborn solving it; in some cases I don’t sleep unless I find the solution.


If you think I am the person you would love to work with, feel free to contact me.